Orthodontist License Suspended

NH Dental Board suspends orthodontitst’s license and issues health alert – Possible Blood Borne Pathogen Risk in a Manchester Orthodontic Practice

Orthodontists are going to experience increased State Dental Board inspections as a result of this incident.  State Dental Boards increased inspections last year after the State of Oklahoma notified 7000 patients of potential HIV, HCV and HBV infections at Dr. Harrington’s oral surgery practice due to improper instrument sterilization and multiple Infection Control breaches.

News videos clips such as WCBV’s – New Hampshire orthodontist suspended after claims he put patients at risk  and the New Hampshire health alert focus patient’s and dental board’s attention on instrument sterilization and infection control in orthodontic practices.

Do your orthodontic patients see sterile instrument packages when visiting your practice?  Now is the time to review your instrument sterilization system and infection control training.  Don’t wait for a patient to comment about an infection control breach or lack of sterile instrument packs.

Take a pro-active approach and plan an Instrument Sterilization Tune-Up  for your orthodontic practice.

  • Review State Dental Board Infection Control Standards
  • Improve Instrument Sterilization System to meet Standards
  • Provide Clinical IC and Sterilization Training

Learn more about a Sterilization Tune-Up for your practice or call 949-842-1747 now.

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