Sterilization Tune-Up

Sterilization is a complex process requiring specialized equipment, adequate space, qualified DHCP who are provided with ongoing training, and regular monitoring for quality assurance. – CDC Infection Control Guidelines, 2003

Sterlization Tune-UpInstrument sterilization is complex as stated in the CDC Guidelines.  Orthodontic instrument sterlization must provide sterile instruments for each patient visit as an eff-icient and economical  system. Orthodontic instrument sterilization system must be customized for your procedures and your physical facility.  Sterilization is not a one size fits most.  A Sterilization Tune-Up customizes the instrument sterilization process for procedure set-ups, equipment and sterilization lay-out.

Sterlization Tune-Up

  • Instrument calculations
  • Equipment recommedations
  • Sterilization infection training

Sterilization Tune-up 2 day consultation provides you with an Analysis and Action Plan. To schedule your Sterilization Tune-Up call 949-842-1747 now.

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