seminarsAll seminars are customized for audiences (general dentistry, orthodontics or other specialties and state laws on infection control and OSHA safety.

Best Practices – infection prevention & OSHA safety

Every day you practice Standard Precautions by cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing to protect patients and yourself in the dental office. But Infection prevention and safety do not end when you leave the dental office. Our world has become a global Petri dish. Your knowledge of infectious disease transmission and safety precautions extend to the lives of your colleagues, family, neighbors and community.

This full day seminar reviews the latest information on infectious diseases, disease transmission and proper precautions based on the CDC Guidelines to Prevent Disease Transmission- 2008.

OSHA safety for the dental team is more than infection prevention – safety also includes chemical safety, fire and emergency safety, radiation safety, and post exposure protocol should there be an accident. This seminar reviews the current OSHA safety requirements and provides the annual training review for your entire dental team. You will receive an OSHA Checklist, websites for OSHA forms and training resources to take back your office.

CDC Infection Control Guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control IC Guidelines for Dentistry are the standard of care for preventing disease transmission during dental treatment. Is your practice protocol in compliance with the current CDC Guidelines? Learn the latest information on disinfectants, sterilization, standard precautions, instrument reprocessing, hand hygiene and dental unit waterlines. Jackie will share with you practical and efficient infection control methods for your dental team. This seminar meets state requirements for Infection Control CE.

OSHA Safety – a WIN for everyone!

As dental professionals, you strive to provide quality care to your patients. Ensuring their comfort and wellbeing is simply part of your on-going commitment to practice excellence. It’s just as important for the dental team to have a safe and healthy environment in which to work. With balloons and prizes, Jackie motivates the entire team to WIN with OSHA safety!
This seminar meets OSHA requirements for the annual training update.

Sterilization Challenge

Changing regulations, new technology, and information overload make it difficult to determine what is the best sterilization equipment for your practice. You can take the stress out of instrument cleaning and sterilization so that the dental team can focus on caring for patients. Attendees will learn the basics of sterilization design for efficient flow of staff and instruments. Whether you are remodeling or building a new office, you will benefit from the equipment and technology review in this seminar. The course covers practical solutions for improving instrument processing:

  • The 5 Work Stations of Instrument Processing
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Packaging – pouches, tubing, wraps & cassettes
  • Sterilizer Options – Pros & Cons
  • Biological Monitors

In her thorough yet lighthearted approach Jackie Dorst will share with you the latest instrument management system information. Complete with creative and practical ideas for easy practice implementation, Jackie demonstrates how every office can master the instrument reprocessing challenge.

Where are the Bugs? Effective and efficient infection control

Every day you clean, disinfect and sterilize for invisible infectious microorganisms. This seminar demonstrates where the touch and splash surfaces are in the clinical areas and the potential for disease transmission. With Glitter Bugs and humor, Jackie will show you where the germs are hiding. You will learn effective methods for cleaning, disinfection, use of barriers and PPE. Come to this seminar prepared to have fun!

Professional Image . . . patient perception of infection control and sterilization

How do your patients see your office? Patients judge the sterilization, cleanliness and safety of your office by what they see, hear and smell. Learn the 7-Point Evaluation of a dental practice’s professional appearance. You are probably doing procedures according to OSHA regulations and State Dental Board Infection Control Standards, but how do your patients perceive your practice? Rate your office patient perception with the 7-Point Evaluation and complete your Action Plan to polish your professional image.

Pokes, Sticks and Other Boo-Boos!

What clinical team members need to know about accidental exposure
Working with sharp instruments in the infectious environment of a patient’s mouth could be dangerous for you. We all get in a hurry and that’s when accidents happen. Learn how to protect yourself and your patients with valuable tips and tools for working safely while treating your patients and processing contaminated instruments. If an accident happens, learn the best immediate first aid and how to evaluate the incident for post-exposure testing. Gain insight for the Step-by-Step Process after an accident. Understand the testing protocol and required forms with the easy Post Exposure Checklist provided for attending OSHA Coordinators and Office Managers. Jackie Dorst uses real exposure stories with humor and heart to instruct and motivate the clinical team for safety.

The Sterile Challenge – maintaining a sterile field for dental surgery

The increase in dental surgical procedures and number of medically compromised patients treated in dental practices challenges dental teams to review sterile instrument reprocessing systems and operatory preparation for a “surgically sterile” field. This seminar reviews proper cleaning, packaging, sterilization and sterile storage for surgical instrument set-ups. Attendees will learn sterile instrument assurance and monitoring with indicators, integrators and biological monitors. Video demonstrations provide instruction on sterile technique for operatory set-up, donning surgical attire and maintaining the surgical field during patient treatment.

Hand Jive! Hand Hygiene for Dental Professionals

CDC states that hand hygiene is the “single most critical measure” for preventing disease transmission. However, dental teams face unique hand hygiene challenges due to the large number of patients seen during busy dental schedule requiring multiple washing and application of ABR. This seminar offers new products and protocols for effective hand hygiene and protecting hands from dermatitis and the harsh effects of frequent washing and sanitizing. The entire clinical team will have fun learning Jackie’s “Hand Jive” dance!

Operation Clean Sweep: let’s get organized!

Clutter creeps into our dental practices. Is your practice short on storage space, can’t find supplies or there isn’t enough room for a new piece of equipment? Then perhaps it’s time for “Dumpster Day!” Learn how to prepare for day of clean-up and re-organization. You will be amazed at how much time and money a well-organized office will save your dental practice. And the entire dental team will dance out the back door as you leave “on time” at the end of the day!

Technology & Technique

New technologies offer innovative treatment options for patients. However new technology requires an investment in purchasing the equipment and team training for successful practice integration while continuing to meet all standards for infection prevention and sterilization. Jackie Dorst shares tools and tips to protect fragile technology equipment and ensure patient safety during dental treatment. Both doctor and staff will benefit from the practical, time saving tips learned in this seminar.

The entire dental team will leave this seminar with the confidence that they are protecting the safety and well-being of patients and staff with the latest in “Technology & Technique”.

Seminar includes . . .

    • Infection Prevention Guidelines
    • Equipment-Cleaning, Packaging & Sterilization
    • Chemicals-Disinfectants, Cleaners, Sterilants
    • Measures for Monitoring IP Protocol

The excellence of your dental practice depends on continued improvement in practice systems and team training. Jackie Dorst teaches new and experienced dental professionals how to be their Best.

Dental Practice Sparkle! Infection Control Excellence

Put sparkle in your dental practice with infection control excellence. Patients judge the quality of a dental practice by what they see, hear and even smell – from the parking lot, to the reception room, to the operatory – does your practice sparkle with infection control excellence? Do your patients brag about your practice’s clean, professional appearance?

Jackie Dorst’s seminar reviews the latest CDC infection control guidelines and discusses patient perception of infection control. Seminar attendees will receive a 7-Point Evaluation of the dental practice’s infection control image. You are probably doing all procedures according to OSHA regulations and State Dental Board Infection Control Standards, but how do your patients perceive your practice? Rate your patients’ perception of your practice with the 7-Point Evaluation and complete your Action Plan for “Dental Practice Sparkle!”

Products & Progress for Orthodontic Oral Hygiene Homecare

Seminar Description: Scientific research and technology have produced a plethora of new oral hygiene products for patient oral hygiene homecare. Some work and some don’t! Some work for some patients, but not all patients! In this seminar you will learn to evaluate oral hygiene products for efficacy and match product benefits with individual patient’s oral hygiene needs.

Jackie Dorst will review the latest innovative oral hygiene products in each of the seven oral hygiene product categories:

  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpastes
  • Interproximal Aids
  • Floss
  • Mouthrinses
  • Irrigants
  • Patient Education & Motivation

Seminar attendees will receive oral hygiene product checklist with resources for information and evaluation samples. The orthodontic team is the expert resource for patients on oral hygiene products. In this seminar you will learn about the features and benefits of the latest oral hygiene products for your patients during orthodontic treatment!

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify patient benefits for oral hygiene products
  • Learn to match OH products to patient needs
  • Distinguish between product marketing and published research information

Please contact Jackie about customizing a seminar for your meeting.



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